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Another trend that is making a mark on interior design this summer is the trend toward large print wallpapers. As Chad says, “When you think of wallpapers, it might conjure up images from your grandmother’s house. But today’s trending styled wallpapers aren’t just wallpapers — they’re updated interpretations.” These large prints invoke gatherings and invite people into your home to have a good time together. Choosing a large print wallpaper can be fun because it adds a special pop and centerpiece to your room, or it can be a subtle relaxing backdrop color, too. With dozens of prints to choose from, we can help you make any room unique to fit your style. Another wall covering that we love to incorporate into our interiors is the tried and true grasscloth. Grasscloth never goes out of style, is always trending and with the new options available today you can choose a grasscloth that not only offers that timeless textural element, but comes in a variety of patterns and designs, as well. Check out some of these beauties!

It’s a good time to update some of the rooms in your house so every day feels like you’re living in a Weekender House. Come see what’s in store and let’s talk about updating your home this summer.

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