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For years, we’ve been creating warm and inviting interiors that make every day in your house feel like the weekend. Lately, we’ve been almost exclusively selling performance fabrics such as Sunbrella, Crypton and now the new hybrid fabric called InsideOut Performance Fabrics. These brands are trending this summer because of the warm weather and their amazing long-lasting quality. These fabrics allow you to live a casual lifestyle without worrying about your furniture getting stained or fading. They are durable, water resistant, and sun-proof just in time for outdoor living. Choosing a performance fabric for your pieces lets you go lighter with color selection, too, by giving you the option of natural linens, whites, and airy off-whites. How do you know which fabric is best suited for your daily living? We’re always here to consult with you but here’s a quick lesson on these three state-of-the art fabrics: Sunbrella is fade resistant. Crypton is nearly impossible to stain. And, the all new InsideOut performance fabric offers both of these durable qualities as the new kid in town making it both fade resistant and stain free. Each of these upholstery and specialty fabrics offer warranties and care guides to keep your furniture looking like new no matter how much it gets put to use.

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