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Change is in the Air 

Staying up to date on the latest interior design trends can be challenging. Remember last summer when having vibrant colors and edgy patterns was trending? We certainly do! A lot has changed from last summer, and the latest styles reflect that.

This year has been unprecedented in that people are staying home more than usual. Now that we are home, we want to be more comfortable than ever. That’s why the biggest trends we’re seeing for this summer are all about comfort, and that means incorporating some not-completely-perfect-pieces. Although some people really love neat and flawless interiors, this season many of our clients are opting for pieces that feel a bit more casual. They’re choosing furniture with fabrics that look like linen, cotton and more natural materials. These selections are durable while replicating the look and feel of natural fabrics to give a more “lived-in” look to a room, a place that offers you comfort and ease. When furniture is perfectly arranged it might deter you and family members from sitting on it. This summer we’re seeing a move toward furniture and styles that are inviting you to get comfy and settle in.

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